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Integrated Conveyor Metal Detector , Anti - Rust Needle Inspection Machine

Integrated Conveyor Metal Detector , Anti - Rust Needle Inspection Machine

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    conveyor type needle detector

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Integrated Conveyor Metal Detector , Anti - Rust Needle Inspection Machine

High Precision Metal Needle Detector for Clothes Textile Sock Gloves



Quick detail:


1. Apply self-developed patent technology.

2. Equipped with latest microchip , reliable with excellent performance.

3. Sensitive and anti-jamming.

4. Automatically digital signal processing through the whole process.

5. Easy operate , history data can be processed and saved automatically before system switched off.

6. Self-designed high-frequency power switch.

7. Integrated and optimized design for reducing components , replaced electronic system by computer control, lower malfunction.

8. Microcomputer controlled motor to extend working life.

9. Precise counter device.


Detailed Product Description:


Conveyor Belt Fabric Metal Needle Detector Equipment with stainless steel material,In the principle of using

magnetic, textiles, toys residual broken needle.To meet the safety requirements.


Feature and Application:


1. High sensitivity and strong interference immunity.
2. Light structure and move conveniently.
3. Various of specifications of inspection window which can be chosen at will according to customers' needs
4. Quick conveying speed, applicable to pipeline operation.
5. Matches the pipeline operation or automatic control device.


Detecting Sensitivity: diameter 0.8 mm to 2.5mm iron ball
Sensitivity adjust: 1-10 level
Detecting Width: 60cm
Detecting Height: 10-30cm
Alarm method: Buzzer,Lamp
Conveying speed: 24m/min(50Hz),32m/min(60Hz)
Power: AC220V
Rated Output: 60W
Body size: 185cm(L)*105cm(W)*95cm(H)




Mainly used for detecting ferrous metal that load or drop in raw materials and products in the field of toy

costume, shoemaking, chemical industry, leather, knittingetc.

Clothes, textile, bra, baby products, shoes, socks, gloves, etc detection lost pin and scrap iron kind of

impurities in the products., ensure product without iron impurity pollution, supply reliable quality guarantee